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There are hundreds of apps which aren’t obtainable on either Android’s Play Store or iPhone’s App Store. If you aren’t aware of this fact, then you are assuredly missing a lot. There is an entirely new universe of apps like tutuapp apk outside of official app stores where hundreds of apps are being listed regularly. You are probably thinking that how does it makes a difference anyway? Well, this may be an obvious question. If it is the case, read us out!

An entire universe of apps differs from normal official’s stores from this single word – “modification”. It incorporates an enormous and stupendous collection of apps which you can never even heard of. These apps are basically a modified version of the parent app with a variety of unlocked features.

For example, almost all of us use YouTube for watching videos along with their ads. Don’t such apps interrupt you while watching captivating videos? Yes, it does. But you will find an app with the capability of eliminating such ads thoroughly. I think now you are getting my point, isn’t it? But how can we download such apps if they aren’t listed on official app stores? Well, that is the place where TutuApp makes a grand entry like Keanu Reeves does.

What is TutuApp?

download tutuapp

TutuApp can be defined as a universal app inventory from where you can download premium or modded apps without spending a single penny. In short, we can call it a third party platform for downloading all of those useful apps which aren’t allowed on authorized app stores.

You will find almost all of those apps that we call tweaked, unofficial, modded, cracked and what not! TutuApp is developed for both Android and iOS devices which attracts smartphone users like a booty 😉

Apart from that, TutuApp also lets you download all of those apps which are available on Google play store or Apple app store. Isn’t it amazing? Why do we need an app store then! You don’t need actually if you want to. That is not the end. Let’s have a tour to apprehend what really this TutuApp holds before you download tutuapp apk.

TutuApp Features

In spite of having various TutuApp alternatives, why should one use this specific only in the first place? Here are the reasons why you should certainly try it at least once among apps like TutuApp.

It provides all apps with features available upon payment at absolutely free of cost.
As the file size of the app is small, it won’t consume much space. And, tutuapp apk download is completely free.
An inbuilt cleaner of TutuApp is able to remove all the inessential memory being used by other apps.
Sharing apps you’ve downloaded using TutuApp is possible instantly. It isn’t only limited to Android to Android but also Android to iOS or iOS to Android sharing is practicable.
It completely eliminates the unwanted registrations for downloading any kind of app through TutuApp.
It doesn’t require rooting your android smartphone and jailbreaking your iOS device.
It provides the ability to download unlimited apps with the highest possible downloading speed.

TutuApp asks necessary permissions when you start the app for the first time to provide efficient usage. The permission of apps works from Android 5.0 and above.

TutuApp APK Download

As far as we discussed, TutuApp seems the best alternatives of iOS App Store and Android Play Store. We can’t just evaluate such a decision based on its features solely, right? So, what’s wrong with testing it first if we don’t have to pay or even register for that matter?

Yes, tutuapp apk can be easily downloaded from the following download button. All you need to do is download tutuapp for iOS, Android, Windows and search for the app you are looking for. Whoa! You just learned using tutuapp.

tutuapp apk download

TutuApp APK for Android

If you are an Android user, then you will assuredly know that cracked or apps with premium features unlocked can’t be published on Google Play Store. So, the question is have you tried any app outside of play store before? In this case, you would have used any third-party platforms. You will have pretty much idea about what TutuApp for Android stands for? Well, as it won’t be available on the official app store, download tutuapp apk from here.

App NameTutuApp
File Size21.4 MB
Supported OSAndroid, iOS
LanguageEnglish, Chinese
Downloads12 Million+
DevelopersXiamen Cloud Top IT

Download TutuApp Android

How to Install TutuApp APK on Android device

  1. Before downloading the apk file, you have to enable the unknown sources in the settings. Go to Settings > Security >Unknown sources. Tap on “unknown sources” to toggle it.
  2. Now, download tutuapp apk from the download button as provided above.
  3. The apk file will take a few seconds to download if you have a decent internet connection. You will get a notification when the apk file downloading finishes.
  4. Open the apk file and tap on the install button to start the installation.
  5. Wait for a while until installation finishes and the app will be visible on your app drawer.

TutuApp Android – Video Tutorial

TutuApp for iOS iPhone

If you are fond of using apps that are not available on apps, then you may be aware of various tricks to install such apps on your iOS devices. One of the best ways to sideload unofficial apps is to utilize cydia impactor. Cydia Impactor is an individually developed tool to sideload iOS app on your iPhone, iPad.

All you have to do is download IPA files and just drop on this tool. Anyway, it requires a computer to do so, we’ll follow an easier method. Here’s how you can install TutuApp for iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod etc.

Download TutuApp iOS

How to Install TutuApp IPA on iOS device

  1. Open official tutuapp website: from your safari browser.
  2. Find “Install” button from the homepage which will prompt you to confirm the installation
  3. As it has an inbuilt installer, tutuapp will start downloading in the background.
  4. It is an unofficial app and therefore, you need to trust this developer manually. To do so, go to Setting > General > Profile & Device Management and click on “Trust“.
  5. Now, you will be able to use TutuApp completely without any error.

TutuApp for PC Windows

Yes, you heard it utterly right! You can use TutuApp for windows pc easily. This is achievable with the help of Android emulators. Well, there are many such emulators available on the internet. This method comes handy when we are not comfortable with playing games on smartphones or a particular app isn’t available for PC.

Generally, these emulators build an environment similar to Android devices where you can leverage OS to perform tasks. Bluestacks, Memu, Nox, YouWave, etc. are examples of such emulators. We’ll use Nox Player for the demonstration purpose. But tutuapp apk download is a prerequisite before we proceed further.

Download TutuApp PC

How to Install TutuApp APK on Windows PC

  1. Download Nox Player from here.
  2. Be prepared with tutuapp apk file which can be found from the download section.
  3. Install the Nox Player and finish all necessary tasks.
  4. You need to now install tutuapp by simply opening with Nox. You can also choose apk from an open window for installing purposes.
  5. As soon as it finishes, tutuapp icon will be visible on Nox Player’s app drawer. It is ready for your use.

TutuApp PC Video Tutorial

5 Popular Best Apps on TutuApp Store

  1. Snapchat++: Snapchat++ is the modified version of the official Snapchat app. As TutuApp is famous for its tweaked app directory, Snapchat++ also contains amazing unlocked features. One of the best includes the ability to view snaps without being noticed.
  2. Snapseed: As we mentioned earlier that we can also download regular apps from TutuApp. And hence, Snapseed is the best app to try from TutuApp store. It is undoubtedly satisfying when the matters approach to edit your photos directly from your gallery.
  3. Instagram++: This is another widely popular tweak available on TutuApp. Instagram++ contains a bunch of cool features that the original Instagram app doesn’t include. You will surely like its features of knowing who is following you along with watching story without letting anyone know.
  4. Netflix: Who doesn’t know this particular app? Well, when you get used to TutuApp app store, you won’t be downloading a single app from official app store. Though Netflix is available on app store, users have total Netflix downloads from tutuapp is eye-opening!
  5. Messenger: It is a user-friendly app to connect with your Facebook friends. With a variety of features with continuous updates, it is pretty famous among Facebook users. With stickers, GIF’s and memes, you can easily express your feeling without wasting time finding them elsewhere.

TutuApp Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is TutuApp apk download safe to use?

Ans: TutuApp is a simple app store like any other normal platform. Continuous updates portray its authenticity. As it is created by top Chinese developers, it doesn’t contain any vulnerabilities that can exploit any information. Therefore yes, TutuApp is absolutely safe to download and use for installing other apps.

2. Does it work on PC/Laptop?

Ans: Yeah, of course! In fact, we have provided a stepwise guide for TutuApp for PC/Laptop. Go thoroughly once and you will be able to use TutuApp on PC in a few minutes.

3. Why one should use TutuApp among its alternatives?

Ans: Well, there is plenty of reason behind its usage. You can have a glance at its features first. Apart from that, it contains a huge collection of tweaked apps that are not available anywhere. Feel it once and you’ll get to know.

4. TutuApp is not working properly. How to solve it?

Ans: It may have happened because of the specification of your smartphone’s hardware. However, you need to worry a bit as we’ve covered you with tutuapp not working error’s guide. Anyway, you can always try reinstalling it in the first place. I

5. Is the usage of TutuApp legal?

Ans: There are many complaints regarding the usage of TutuApp as it contains a lot of unofficial apps. In that case, using pirated apps providing premium features free may be risky. But, we are using TutuApp for not only that purpose, right? It is advised to support the parent app’s developers.

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