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Tutuapp for Android : Now you can install paid apps for with TutuApp. This great has lots of potential in the app market, and it is already becoming a trend. So in this article let’s talk about TutuApp.

There are millions of apps available for Android. While most of them are free to download and easily accessible if you have an Android device, there are paid apps for Android which are a little hard for the developers to provide them for free.

TutuApp latest version for Android

Tutuapp for Android: If you are always looking for ways to download paid apps for free and couldn’t really get a luck, then you are at the right place. I will provide you with the latest and easy way to download TutuApp on your Android smartphone and tablet.

Nowadays there are lots of third-party websites and app stores which provides some really great apps. You can even find some really cool paid apps for free. Now TutuApp has set the bars much higher with its great features which no other app stores provide.

Talking about paid apps, there are some apps which you want to download but they are paid, and you think that the particular app should be available for free. Even I feel like some apps need to be free because you can find similar to some other apps which are available for free.


Download TutuApp free

TutuApp has quite an interesting past. This app was released two years ago by some Chinese app developer company. This app user had mixed feeling about this app since it was released by Chinese developers, the app was Chinese, and everything written in it was Chinese until recently the developers made the app in English which makes the app gained even more popularity. Another reason why this app is trending today is that of Pokemon Go plus.

Remember Pokemon Go which had a really great hype all over the world when it was first released by Niantic. After few months Pokemon go plus was available but it was not available for free, and tutuapp was basically the only place where you can get the app for free. With this much hype, the engagement TutuApp got was impressive. Although Pokemon is not a trending topic anymore, there are still millions of Pokemon lovers who still plays the game and if you are one of those people and still didn’t access to Pokemon go plus then you should definitely download TutuApp in your Android smartphone.

TutuApp APK

TutuApp app is an app store where you can find a large number of apps. All those paid apps in Google play store are also available in TutuApp but for free. This is the main selling point of this app. More interestingly the TutuApp itself is also available for free. Tutuapp for android is just an amazing app.

Tutu app User Experience

Tutuapp has a very bright UI which is a good thing since it attracts the users more. It is easy to use and to navigate through the UI has never been this easy. In the home screen, you find all sorts of apps which are popular and suggested. The apps are categorized as games, entertainment and education etc. There also a search bar in which you can search whatever app that you want to find and download.

Tutuapp is also known as Tutu Helper, and you are not wrong if you say either one of these names although the name tutuapp is much popular.

Tutuapp is a great app for the customers like us, but for other developers who provide paid apps, this app can be a headache for them since tutuapp provides their paid apps for free. We all should consider the fact that paid apps are made with lots of effort by the developers who worked really hard. So if you can somehow manage to afford paid apps, then I would suggest you to install the app on the official google play store.

Tutuapp for android is not available on Google Play store due to some reason. That means you have to look for some other ways to get the app, thankfully we have the alternate way, and it is super easy to download and install tutuapp.

Here is the overview of TutuApp

Name – Tutuapp  |  Size – 5MB  |  Compatibility – Android 4.2 and above Version – V2.3.18

Features of TutuApp

  1. Download your favourite paid apps for with tutuapp latest version.
  2. A very reliable app to download free apps as well as paid apps. The apps available in tutuapp are not duplicate and does not have any kind of bug until and unless the bug is available in the initial version.
  3. Tutuapp has an inbuilt cleaner which can clean all the unwanted data inside the tutuapp memory. This can decrease the chance of business in the app.
  4. You can also share files like share-it and xender. All you need to note is that the receiver and sender should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. You can send from android to android, android to iOS and iOS to iOS.
  5. A great user experience with zero Ad inside the app.

Tutu App Vip vs Tutu Helper

If you are not familiar with Tutuapp Vip, then let me tell you that it is the advanced version of the already great app. It has more features than Tutuapp such as faster updates, better UI and more customization. You can go take a look at the official website of tutuapp to know more about Tutuapp VIP. I would recommend you to get the VIP version since it provides more security and stability. Tutuapp has been recently reported as it has lots of instability.

Fixing Tutuapp error

Tutuapp has some instability problem, and there could be many reasons why it happens.

  1. You may have downloaded the apk file untrusted source, and it has lots of bugs.
  2. The Tutuapp that you downloaded may not be the latest version.

So make sure that you have the latest version of the Tutuapp to face no issue or whatsoever.

Tutuapp is compatible with Android 4.2 and above. Most of the Android smartphones nowadays are running 5.0 and above that means the compatibility issue merely exist. Also, this app is small in size and work in low-end smartphones.

Before going to the procedure, you have to enable the unknown sources by going to settings > Security > Unknown Sources.

How to download and install Tutuapp on Android

  1. Using your android smartphone open up google chrome.
  2. Type “Tutuapp.apk download” on the search bar and tap on the search button.
  3. There will be a lot of websites showing up as a result.
  4. Tap on the first result and open the website.
  5. Now tap on the download button to download the apk file Tutuapp.
  6. The apk file will get installed in few seconds.
  7. Open the apk file and directly install the app by tapping on the “install” button.
  8. The app will be installed in a few seconds, and the app will be available on your home screen.

Wrapping it up

Tutuapp for Android: Now you can download paid apps for free with Tutuapp. Download the app and also share this with your friends so that they can also know how to download tutuapp. Also. we will be soon publishing another guide on how to use tutuapp, so that you do not face any kind of issues while downloading apps via tutuapp.

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