How to Check Who Viewed My Instagram Profile

who viewed my instagram

Instagram is one of the most convenient social media apps available currently. It’s quite simple to use and mainly focuses on pictures. Instagram is also a great tool for marketing and promotion. Moreover, unlike other Social Media Instagram rewards your creativity and is a great platform for artists and photographers.

Instagram operates using the Follower scheme where you follow the things and people that interest you. However, wouldn’t it be even better if you could know the details of the people who visited your profile. As of now, Instagram does not offer any such feature to find out the Stalkers who regularly check out your profile. However, we can offer you some help in this regard and show you some tips to get this done.

Instagram Stories

Instagram stories is a relatively new method where you can post live updates of what you are doing. One story can be viewed 24 hours after posting online. Instagram lets you know who all have seen your story thereby giving you a good idea of the people who are interested in knowing your whereabouts.

However, the key point is that the list is available only up to 24 hours. After, the list is automatically removed along with the story. So you better act quick.

Third-party Apps

There are tons of third-party apps out there that claim to let you see who visits your profile regularly. We cannot assure you if they are genuine but most of them are free and there is definitely no harm in trying them out. Certain apps might ask you for the fees upfront and it is best to avoid them altogether.

  • Follower Insight for Instagram: With the help of this app, it is possible to find out the stalkers who are following you and not following you as well. Moreover, the minimalistic user-interface is positive as well.
  • Follower analyzer for Instagram: This app is available for both iOS and Android. It gives you all the information regarding Stalkers like who viewed your profile, posts, and stories. The app is available in the Play Store.
  • Follower Meter for Instagram: This app is a bit different from the previous two apps that we mentioned as it lets you track the people who followed you and I followed you. If you want to cut down such people, this is the app for you.
  • Visitors Pro app: This is a great app and it is exclusive for the iOS platform.

Repeated Requests

If you get requests from people you have no acquaintance with, it is good to reject their request. However, if you get repeated requests from the same person, it pretty much means that the person is stalking you. The best option is to block them

Comments & Likes

Well, it is quite normal to have people commenting and appreciating your photos. However, it is not so common to have people giving you likes for posts that were uploaded a long time ago, a few months before. This is simply one of the common activities of Stalkers.

Moreover, they won’t stop at a single photo. They will keep on commenting and leaving likes on multiple photos. Therefore, if you get notifications saying this person has liked your old photos, then be assured, this is a surefire instance of online stalking.


That’s a wrap on the article. Instagram is undoubtedly a great platform to connect with friends and you should not allow the occasional stalkers and disturbers to bother you. If they do, we hope this article will give you some good ideas to approach the issue.


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