How to Track Live Location of a Mobile Number

With the increase of spam and unwanted calls, it is not a big issue to feel the need of mobile tracking. You may need it to know the details of a pestering number or to know the whereabouts of your dear ones to be sure about their safety. The process of mobile number lives tracking has been simplified with the advent of monitoring apps and software.

Nowadays, you can know the name of an unknown or suspicious caller, their address or whereabouts just with the flick of your fingers. Let’s give you a tour of some simple tricks to know the live location of any mobile number you want.

How to track the live location of a phone number?

The most basic techniques that are used for mobile tracking are IMEI and GPS tracking systems. “Locate Any Phone” is an efficient GPS tracker app that will give you the real-time location of any mobile number you want. The results won’t even take long to show up.

This app can track a phone number though its messages in your devices. Both the Whatsapp and the default texting app can be used to trace the number via Locate Any Phone app. GPS Phone is another useful app that will save you from the embarrassment of calling someone and get to know about their whereabouts.

But these apps can be used to track those people that you already know. Remember, they use the text messages on your phone to track the number. What if you want to follow a phone number, the owner of which is not known to you? There are solutions to get the details of the owner too.

Track the ownership of dial number

track live location

If the owner of a phone number you want to track is not familiar to you, then you can use the Free Cell Phone Lookups service to know his details. It is a web service that keeps the database of phone number owners and tracks them as per request.

A regular search will give you only a portion of the available data. If you want to avail of the full details of the live location, then you will need to become a member of the community.

There is a term called “reverse lookup” which is used by tracers to indicate a process where a phone number is used to get various details about its owner, such as live location or his home address. Whitepages is a pretty handy search option in case you need the home address of a person.

All you need to do is to provide the phone number. It does not use GPS tracking. Whitepages will look into the vast public database of phone users and bring you the relevant address associated with the number. Another great thing about this service is that you won’t have to worry about breaching any cyber law, it is legal.

The services that we are mentioning here are connected to the Signalling System No. Seven or simply, SS7 network in the United States of America. It is a database that stores the details of the owner of phone numbers. Hence, everything that you will know from mobile number lives tracking will come from SS7 only.

Use of CNAM services

CNAM stands for Caller ID Name. There are of CNAM service providers who will enable you to see the name of the caller when s/he calls you. Also, these services have a spam facility which shows you if a number is a spam or not. They report a number as spam when a lot of users report the number as so. It will save you a lot of time by avoiding these pestering phone calls.

It is noteworthy that your service provider does not cache the data it has. The real-time tracking will not be accurate if your service provider uses cached data for monitoring.

But how to know if your CNAM service provider is an effective one or not?

One trick is to check the 1300 and 1800 numbers in the USA and check whether it can identify them or not. If yes, then the service is good enough to track.

Track a masked phone number

Sometimes the phone numbers are masked so that you cannot use it for tracking. In that case, use the Trapcall app to unmask the phone number. Then use any of the services we have mentioned above to know the live location of its user.

There are tons of options to track a phone number these days. It is an empowering tool to fight against cybercrimes and also to ensure the safety of your data and your loved ones from unknown threats.

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