How to use tutuapp?

Tutuapp is the latest and greatest platform to download paid apps for free. This third party app store has lots of potential in the future. If you haven’t heard about this app or came here to know how to use this app then don’t worry by the end of this article you will know how to use Tutuapp.

Nowadays you can download lots of apps from the official app stores like google play store and Apple app store. But not every app has the requirement of having an internet connection. You need more than the internet and that is to have some bucks in your account to buy those paid apps.

You want to download some apps for free but unfortunately they are not free to download so you end up not buying the app. You don’t have to pay for the app because there are lots of third-party websites and apps who provides freemium contents. Such app is known as Tutu App or Tutu Helper.

TutuApp Latest Download

In this article I will tell you how you can use the app. I will guide you about all the features and options available in the app. Before getting any further I would like to tell you that Tutuapp is very easy to use and navigating through the app is very intuitive. There are still few things which you may not know so all those things will be included in the guide on How to use Tutuapp. Also came to know how to use tutuapp on android!

This article will also give you other requirements such as the apk file of Tutuapp directly. You don’t have to go somewhere else to get Tutuapp. You can directly download and install the on your Android and iOS device.


Tutuapp is a third party app store available for Android and iOS platform. The Chinese based developers created this app to provide paid apps for free. This app does not charge any kind of money from you. There are lots of paid apps out there in the app store and if you want to get all those apps you should checkout Tutuapp. This app provides apps for Android and iOS since it is compatible with the operating system.

Tutuapp is mostly famous for games and it has a large library of games including the paid games. Although in-app purchase has to be made with the real money if there’s any, if the library has the modded version of the game with unlocked features then it is obvious that there’s no need of in-app purchase. Know more on how to use Tutuapp and How to use Tutuapp pokemon go?

Pokemon Go Plus in Tutuapp

Pokemon Go took the world by store when it was released by Niantic. Everybody was playing the game and it was the most hyped game back then. There was another version of Pokemon Go with advanced features known as Pokemon Go +.

Just like Pokemon Go everyone wants to have a taste of that app but Pokemon Go + was not available for free. Thankfully Tutuapp came into existence in lots of places since it has Pokemon Go + which was available for free and is still available in the app in case you want download Pokemon Go +.

So that incident basically put Tutuapp on a trending topic.

You can find other popular paid apps like Spotify ++, Minecraft and Riptide etc. 

User Interface of TutuApp

The user interface of the Tutuapp is not minimal and not as clean as Google play store or app store. But that is not a deal breaker or whatsoever. You won’t see any Ad popping up on the screen which is something you won’t find in third-party apps.

All the options are available on the home screen. You can say that it looks like the options overview of iOS when you select any file or URL in safari.

You will all sorts of apps in the home screen categorized as “Popular”. This area is pretty self-explanatory. You will all the popular apps and you might have already heard about those apps. On the top of the screen there will be a search bar where you can search any app that you want to download. Just tap on it and start typing.

Right below the search bar, you will see the highlighted apps showing as a slide just like you would see in google play store. If you happen to see what you are looking for in the slides, you can directly tap into it, and the app will redirect you to the installation page.

You can put apps as your favorites which can be access by going to the tutuapp icon showing up on the top left corner of the screen. That is the same place where you can login to your tutuapp account although tutuapp does not require any type of Google ID or any kind of ID to install apps. On the top right corner you will see the QR code scanner option. Keep reading to know how to use tutuapp!

how to use tutuapp

You can scroll down to the screen to see the Top 10 paid apps on Google Play store. You can easily install any app on the list for free by tapping and tap on “Get” option. You can keep scrolling down, and the app will keep showing up.

There are a bunch of other options to go to other pages in Tutuapp. These options are home, game, software, ranking and manage.

Home – This is the home screen which you will see first when you will open the app.

Game – On this page, you will have all the latest and popular android games and iOS games if you are on the iOS device. There is also a classify option to narrow down your search. There is also a ranking option inside the “game” option.

Software – You will find software in this app which can be productive. You will also find classify and ranking option on this page as well.

Ranking – Ranking option consists of both games and software with ranking and classify toggle. You will directly see all the category of games like action & adventure, Card, Strategy, role and sports etc. In software option, you will see categories like video, music, shopping and reading etc.

Manage – This page lets you manage the app in every possible way. When you enter this page you will get more options on the top of the screen. These options are “getting”, “history”, “Update”, “Uninstall”.

  • Getting is where you will see your downloaded apps and your total storage of your smartphone as well as how much storage is left.
  • History is where you will see your history.
  • The update is where you will see all the apps that need to be updated. You can directly update the apps from that page itself.
  • Uninstall is where you can uninstall any app that is on your smartphone.

Features of Tutuapp

  1. Download and install any paid apps for free.
  2. Easy to use the app with little to no bug.
  3. Provides all the necessary features.
  4. Tutuapp is small in size, and that is why even the low-end smartphone can run this app smoothly.
  5. Reliable third-party app store.
  6. There is no add in the app.

How to use Tutuapp?

Using Tutuapp is easy, and you do not need any kind of special app knowledge to use this app. One of the main reason why we would use this app is to download apps. So here are the steps to download and how to use tutuapp.

  1. Open the app using your Android or iOS smartphone. The first thing you will see is the home screen of the app. There are slides and popular apps in the home screen and if you scroll down, you will all sorts of apps.
  2. You can easily tap on any of the app to enter the installation page. If you don’t see the app you looking for then there is a search bar on the top of the screen. Simple tap on it once and your keyboard will popup.
  3. Type the name of the app that you want to download and tap enter.
  4. Now you will see the app that you want to download.
  5. Tap on it, and you will see the installation app just like play store and apple app store.
  6. Tap on the “Get” button on the bottom of the screen to start the installation. You will also see other important information like the version of the app and the size of the app.
    how to use tutuapp
  7. You will see the progress of the installation on the notification bar.
  8. You will see the installed app on the home screen or in the manage option in Tutuapp.

Over to you:

How to use tutuapp: So, this was all about tutuapp and how to use it on your smartphone. Tutuapp is easy to use if you are even those people who just started using smartphone. Tutuapp is just like Google play store with a little less intuitive user experience. But I would say that any can easily get used to the app and they won’t face any issue after some time.

If you have any problems, then you can always comment your issue in the comments section.

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