Tutuapp Pokemon Go {Android and iOS}

First of all, let us get to know what tutuapp is and then Tutuapp Pokemon Go!

Tutuapp is none other than an app store for the Chinese market and is a place where you can get apps for free. People who are who often download hacked apps are quite familiar with and love this Chinese app store that is none other than Tutuapp. A while back Tutuapp was entirely in Mandarin, and it was quite difficult for people from other countries to be able to use it, however, Tutuapp, if you try to use now is available completely in not just Chinese language but also English so that a much larger base can use it and avail its benefits.

With the help of tutuapp, you can download as well as play hundreds of apps and games for free which otherwise you would have to pay for. It can be used for both IOS as well as androids.

Almost everyone as a child has loved and enjoyed the anime show Pokemon no matter which part of the earth you are from. Pokemon Go is an app which gained millions of downloads all over the earth because of how it made our childhood dreams alive. Pokemon go is a free game which can be downloaded on both IOS and Android users’ devices and it is a game that is location based on augmented reality. Even though as a child catching a Pokemon, training and battling with is was not a possibility, Pokemon go made it possible as now people could train and catch their favourite Pokemon virtually and bring out their inner Poke masters.

tutuapp pokemon go

Tutuapp for Pokemon Go (Android and iOS):

Tutuapp Pokemon Go: The game involves moving around your neighbourhood and walking till you come in contact with a Pokemon. However, this can become slightly monotonous if all you do is walk and barely find a cool Pokemon on your device. This led to the creation of a hacked Pokemon go which is available on tutuapp. The developers in tutuapp created a hacked version, and while playing through this, you no longer have to walk and get tired, rather you can just simply stay at the comfort of your cosy homes, and the game can “walk” for you if you know what we mean. Tutuapp android pokemon go.

Instead of you actually walking, instead, you will see that there is a joystick that will walk in your surrounding area and you can catch all those Pokemon that are arriving. Rest of the game is exactly as that of the original. Tutuapp pokemon go ios.

Pokemon Go iOS Hack :To be able to use tutuapp and this hacked version of Pokemon go, the most important specification needed is that your device needs to be a rooted device. Your phones, tablets, everything and anything that you want to play this game on will have to be rooted. Get Tutuapp pokemon go hack download free.

How to install tutuapp?

Let us first learn how to download the base for the actual game.

Tutuapp is an app that is not available in the inbuilt play store or app store.

Whenever you try to install an app from any other source other than the Play store ( when the device is used it android ) and App Store ( when the device in use is an iPhone ) your smartphone or smart device will show a notification that installing the following can harm your device.

Hence as long as you are confident in the app, you are downloading, and where you are downloading it from, it is alright and honestly nothing to worry about. Keep reading more on Tutuapp Pokemon Go. 

Tutuapp Pokemon Go Hack

The process you have to follow is

  1. First of all, go to the settings option from the menu of your device.
  2. In this, you have to search for the option that is “Applications” or in the “Security” option.
  3. When you go through these, you will get the option to “Unknown sources“.
  4. Go to this option and enable this.

You can install tutuapp by going through the website of which the link is provided below.


  1. Begin by turning on your device and making sure that there is a proper internet connection with a strong signal. Your device needs to have access to good internet connection.
  2. Once you make sure that the device is connected to the internet, then you have to go to the internet browser on your smartphone or device and go to the link given above. When you are on the website, there is a green coloured button with the word download written in white on it. Click on it. When you click on this, a download process will begin.

It is a 4.44mb file which you have to download, as it is not a heavy file it should not take much of your time.

  1. Go to your downloads folder once you see that the entire download process is complete. In the downloads folder you will see that the first in the list will be the tutu app.
  2. Tap on it, and you will get the option to install it.  Click on the install option.
  3. Once you have downloaded the apk and are done with the completion of the installation process, then you can go to your menu on your device and click on the tutuapp icon to be able to launch the app.
  4. Launch the “apps drawer” in the tutuapp and then use the search option to be able to look for the Pokemon go app. Once you are done using the app to look for the game, then you can click on the green button that has “download” in white on it to download the game.
  5. You have to select then the browser which will be the default browser to download the game.
  6. If there are any other instructions visible, then make sure to follow them as well.
  7. Once you are done nicely following all the instructions and the download is complete you are now ready to start using the app, and now you can enjoy catching all your favourite Pokemon even while comfortably sitting at home.

There are other ways too to be able to download the Tutuapp Pokemon go app apk other than from the official site however it is recommended to use the official site. This is because there is always a possibility to receive viruses or malware from unknown, non trusted third party websites.

Over to you:

Tutuapp Pokemon Go: The tutu app has been around on the market and loved by millions of people starting from China and now worldwide and has received numerous great reviews throughout. Even this hacked version of the famous Pokemon go app is appreciated by all those gamers that love catching Pokemon but are quite lazy to move their bodies and actually go out. The original Pokemon go was praised a lot for actually generating some physical activity and outside interaction for people, but the hack version is doing quite the opposite.

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