Tutuapp Vip for android, iOS and PC

Now download paid apps for free with TutuApp VIP. Paid apps are hard to get especially if you want those apps for free. Since our technology is developing, there are now plenty of third-party sites and an app store where you can download and install paid apps for free. TutuApp VIP is one such app with lots of great features. It also has Pokemon go plus which you can download for free.

Download TutuApp VIP for Android and iOS

Sure there are lots of third-party apps, but TutuApp VIP is the most popular app store for Android and iOS device. You get a large database of apps. You can get any app that you want in TutuApp VIP.

TutuApp latest version

Google play store and apple app store are the official app store for Android and iOS respectively. If you have used these app stores, then you may know that there are a hand full of apps which are not free to download. You find some app that you want to download but you can’t because that particular app is paid. You can always pay for the app and legally download apps from official app stores, but if you want to get apps for free, then TutuApp VIP is your one-stop shop.

TutuApp VIP is the advance version of TutuApp. Although there’s not much difference in both the version you can certainly feel that the VIP is much reliable and faster to download apps. TutuApp VIP is also known as Tutu helper, and a lot of people know the app as Tutu helper. Get Tutuapp VIP iOS free.

TutuApp VIP latest version

In this article, I will show you can download and install TutuApp VIP on your Android as well as the iOS device. Don’t worry; it is super easy to download this third-party app store. But before we get into the download method, let’s talk about TutuApp VIP download first.

TutuApp VIP

TutuApp VIP is trending on lots of apps community. You must be wondering why this app is trending since there are lots of other third-party apps which never get trendy. The reason behind the trend is the availability of Pokemon go plus in this app store.

Pokemon Go is a popular game, and it is also a very trending game. Pokemon Go is developed by Niantic, and this game took the world by storm. Catching Pokemon with the help of virtual reality is something which we never experienced before. The game is already great but then in late 2016, Pokemon Go plus came into existence which has great features and hacks.

There are many more popular paid apps available in TutuApp VIP

  • Riptide GT – Riptide GT is an underrated racing game which not much people know about. But this game is actually very interesting, and you can download this app for free in TutuApp VIP.
  • Minecraft – Minecraft is a worldwide famous game with Lego type of characters. Although this game is more popular on PC platforms, you will get the similar experience with Minecraft for mobile.

These are some paid games for iOS and Android which you can download and install for free in TutuApp VIP for pokemon go.

The user interface of TutuApp VIP.    

As per my personal experience, TutuApp VIP has a decent user experience. The user experience on Google play store and apple app store are much better, but it doesn’t mean it is very hard to use TutuApp VIP. TutuApp VIP  free download has a far better user experience than some other third-party app store unless you have the initial version of TutuApp VIP which is in Chinese.

TutuApp VIP is available in the English version, and if you were not bothering to try this app because it was in Chinese, now you have good reason to use this app.

The app interface is simple. In the home screen of TutuApp VIP, you will see the list of popular apps, as well as a slide show of new and trending apps just like you, would see on Google play store. You get a bunny icon on the corner as your virtual assistant. TutuApp VIP index tells you all sorts of information such as your download history, browsing history, available storage and categorised apps. You can also search any app that you want in the search bar available on the top corner.

No account is needed

TutuApp VIP does not require Google account or any other account to get access to the database of apps. You just open the app, and you’re good to go. That means that you don’t have to risk your account if you think that TutuApp is not as secure as play store or apple app store. But you can make an account in Tutuapp VIP and login so that you get all information when you log in to another account.

Features of TutuApp VIP

  • Download and install paid apps for free with TutuApp VIP.
  • The app size is only 5MB which means it will work on low-end smartphones without any issue.
  • You can download Pokemon go plus with TutuApp VIP for free.
  • There is no ad in this third-party app store which makes the user experience that much better.
  • Whenever the new version comes, you will get notified by the app itself so that you can directly install the update from the app without going to any other site.


TutuApp VIP apk download is not available on Google play store and apple app store. You have to look for an alternative method to get this app. We have the alternative method, and it works 100% on both Android and iOS devices.

tutuapp vip

How to download and install TutuApp VIP for Android

You don’t have to root your Android device to install this app.

Compatibility – Android 4.2 and above

Note – You have to enable unknown sources before downloading app files from third-party sites. Go to settings > Security > Unknown sources and enable it.

  1. Using your Android smartphone open Google chrome browser and copy paste this link http://www.tutuapp.vip/index.php?r=overseaTutu/mobileTutu&lang= or you can directly go from the link if you are already on Android.
  2. Now you will see “Download Now” option.
  3. Simply tap on it, and the app file of TutuApp VIP will start downloading.
  4. Open the app file after it will download and tap on the install button.
  5. Now the app will be available on your Android device.

TutuApp VIP for iOS/iPhone/iPad/iPod touch

TutuApp VIP works in iOS 9,10 and 11 which means almost all the iOS devices are compatible.


  • Using your iOS device go to this link http://www.tutuapp.vip/index.php?r=overseaTutu/mobileTutu&lang= make sure you open the link in safari browser.
  • Tap on iOS and the install button will come up automatically.
  • You can simply tap on install, and TutuApp VIP will add up in your app drawer.
  • Now go to “general” and then go to “profile”. Now select TutuApp VIP profile and tap “Trust”.

TutuApp VIP for PC

  1. You have to download  BlueStacks in your PC from www.bluestack.com for free.
  2. Now simply open the app file of TutuApp VIP on your PC.
  3. The BlueStack will install the app, and you are good to go.

Wrapping it up: 

So, now that you know that tutapp VIP is a truly amazing app and safe as well, you can start downloading it on your Android, iOS and PC based devices right away.

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